What is StandUp?

StandUp is a student-led organization that combats sex trafficking through fundraising, service and advocacy.


1. Educate youth, school staff and parents about human trafficking: the root causes, the realities and the laws trying to stop it.

2. Raise funds to support housing, counseling and educational services for youth victims of homelessness, poverty, abuse and trafficking.

3. Collect supplies to support youth, such as food, clothes, school items, and holiday gifts.

4. Volunteer at least once a month at an organization that provides help and care for youth.

Who we work with:

1. Breaking Free (Trafficking)

2. Gracemaries Song (Trafficking)

3. The Family Partnership (abuse)

4. MN Advocates for Human Rights (Laws)

5. Avenues for Homeless Youth (homelessness)

6. Simpson Housing Services (homelessness)

7. People Serving People (hunger)

8. Youthrive (youth leadership)

9. Women Resource Center, MN Girls Not for Sale

2014-15 Events:

1. Sept- Social Justice Conference

2. Oct. 14- CandleLight Vigil (after school)

3. Nov. 1- Breaking Free Breakfast (after school)

4. Nov. 12- WE Day

5. Dec. 9- Family Night Presentation

6. Dec. 15-18: Spirit Week

7. Jan. 19- Day of Service

8. March 6- Nobel Peace Youth Festival

9. April 13-16: Spirit Week

10. Tuesdays: MN Youth Worker Connect (after school)(youthrive)

Monthly Community Service:

One Monday of every month, StandUp will lead an after-school community service expedition open to all SAGE students. The idea is to go to a new location each month in hopes that students will start going on their own and to start building a relationship with the organizations.

-BF (food sorting/bagging) Dec. 2014

-Breaking Free (Babysitting, supply packaging) Jan. 2014, each Monday

-FMSC ( packing food) -Monday Nov. 24 6:00-7:30

-People Serving People (serving food) Sept. 15 3:45-5:30, Oct. 20 3:45-5:30


Oct. 3: Movie Night

Nov. 24-Dec. 18: Supply Drive

Dec. 9: Bake Sale

Jan. 22: Movie Night

Feb. 14: Valentine's Dance

April 14: Bake Sale

Ongoing Fundraising:

- Breakfast: Coffee, instant oatmeal, yogurt (7:30-7:50 every morning)

- School Store: Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, Notebooks, Folders, Chapstick, Lotion, Hand sanitizer, granola bars, gum (7:30-7:50 every morning, 11:15-11:45 during lunch)

- Bracelet Sales